Regulatory Update


Regulatory Update on GetInfo, provides you with the latest changes in global laws and regulations for different product categories. Comprehensive summaries, history of changes and original legal documents are provided.


You can access the information on a print friendly page and also receive the latest updates for your products via GetInfo alerts. Here is an example of a Regulatory Update on GetInfo


Products information is categorized as follows:




1.    Clothing

2.    Footwear

3.    Accessories (Fashion Jewellery, Sunglasses, hat, etc.)

4.    Home Textile

  1. Toys
  2. Food Contact Article
  3. Nursery Product
  4. Health and Beauty
  5. Stationery
  6. Furniture
  7. Hard goods
  8. General Packaging


The list price of GetInfo is USD15,000 or above per year, depending on the covered countries, products and the elements available. Please kindly contact us at for more details.


Knowledge Database


Knowledge Database provides you with the current legislative requirements for consumer products, organized by unions, countries, product categories and materials. The information includes mandatory safety and labelling requirements, mandatory/harmonized test methods and certification criteria. Please see an example of a Knowledge Database.




This part of “News” contains information of the latest developments or status of consumer products safety requirements before going through the legislative process, such as, research reports, discussions, guidance, testing standards (such as ASTM, GB, etc.) which are new or under amendment. Intelligence


Safety Notice


The section “Safety Notices” provide instant updates of recalls for countries such as Canada, European Union, United States. Please see an example of a Safety Notice.


Hot Topics


New and important issues are in the midst of change in the world of consumer products safety, “Hot Topics” is the collection of these issues to keep you up to date, such as:


·         EU REACH SVHC Update

·         Mandatory or Harmonized Standards of different countries (EU harmonized standards, Philippines, Singapore, India, Thailand, Malaysia, etc.)